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Catering Requirement

Bali Saffron Catering has an exquisite culinary experience made by our experienced chef who is ready to cater for your wedding reception. Minimum spend for F&B on 1 night stay is IDR 30,000,000. On a midweek 2 night stay is IDR 50,000,000 and Minimum spend for weekend or 3 night stay is IDR 80,000,000.


Terms & Conditions

1. Because Saffron Bali Catering (SBC) is preparing food “at home”, and we are committed to creating a tailor made and unforgettable experience for you, (unlike outside caterers) it does not require a minimum number of guests to justify a mobilization to a distant venue, and no number of guests is too small for SBC, SBC will always offer that personal touch as a result.

2. Food and beverage products and pricing are based upon price and availability at the time of writing. However, due to unforeseen circumstances there may be price or availability issues. In such a case, SBC will offer suitable alternatives for your approval.

3. Terms and Condition applying to external Food and Beverage vendors.
3.1 Outside vendors are normally not allowed at Villa Vedas and Bali Beach Glamping, however we recognize that some guests must have specialist outside catering for their event (eg Indian guests often must have specialist Indian cuisine).
3.2 If a client wants to use an external food vendor without using any of SBC's services, an outside service charge of IDR 250,000 net per person applies.
3.3 If a client wants to use an external drinks vendor without using any SBC's services, an outside service charge of IDR 250,000 net per person applies.
3.4 SBC does not serve food or drinks provided by the guest or other vendors at an event unless there is prior agreement between the guest and SBC.
3.5 External F&B catering / vendors are not permitted to use SBC’s kitchen facilities, equipment, glass ware, cutlery, crockery, and tablecloths.
3.6 Bring your own additional food stall outside your catering order, additional charge apply at IDR 1,500,000 per stall.

4. The client must confirm the final number of guests to SBC no later than 14 days prior to the event. The final balance invoice will be based on the final confirmed number of guests.

5. The client must submit the final selection of the menu and beverages for the event to SBC no later than 14 days prior to the event. Changes to the menu and beverages after this time can be accommodated through negotiation with SBC, whenever possible.

6. Charges by SBC are based on the number of people on the invoice. SBC does not provide food and beverage for vendors unless there is prior agreement, vendor meals are available for an additional cost per person.

7. No beverages will be served beyond the stipulated time set out in the invoice, and free flow drinks packages typically last for 8 hours.
7.1 Additional charges apply for any hours beyond the stipulated package duration.

8. Standard tables and tiffany chairs are included in the prices. However, arrangements for other types or colors of tables and chairs can be made, but normally at an additional cost.