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The Bali Saffron Catering package includes round tables with tablecloths and natural color Tiffany chairs.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Saffron Bali Catering (SC) provides personalized catering services for events at Glamp Nusa. SBC is committed to creating a tailor-made and unforgettable experience for every event.
  2. The minimum ancillary spend for buyout events at Glamp Nusa is ID 100,000,000 net on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and ID 80,000,000 on the other four nights of the week.
  3. The minimum ancillary spend is comprised of catering, a la carte dining at the Restaurant and spa services, and it is an aggregate amount over the period of your stay.
  4. For example, if you stay a Thursday and a Friday night, the minimum spend is IDR 180,000,000 in total over the two nights of your stay. You are not required to spend a minimum of ID 80,000,000 on Thursday night and ID 100,000,000 on Friday night, but only to spend a minimum of ID 180,000,000 over the two night period of your stay.
  5. If your guests are to help cover a portion of your minimum spend obligation in the form of purchase of a la carte F&B and spa services, you can ask us to invoice your guests a minimum pre-agreed amount (eg. ID 1,500,000) per room per night for these ancillary services, and your minimum spend obligation will be correspondingly reduced by the amount they spend.
  6. Food and beverage products and pricing are subject to change based on price and availability. In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to price or availability issues, BC will offer suitable alternatives for your approval.
  7. Terms and Condition applying to external Food and Beverage vendors. (7.1.) Outside vendors are not normally allowed at Glamp Nusa, however we recognize that some guests must have specialist outside catering for their event (eg Indian guests often must have specialist Indian cuisine). (7.2.) If a client wants to use an external food vendor without using any of SBC's services, an outside service charge of ID 260,150 net per person applies. (7.3.) If a client wants to use an external drinks vendor without using any SBC's services, an outside service charge of ID 502,150 net per person applies. (7.4.)SBC does not serve food or drinks provided by the guest or other vendors at an event unless there is prior agreement between the guest and SBC. (7.5.) External F&B catering/vendors are not permitted to use SBC's kitchen facilities, equipment, glassware, cutlery, crockery, and tablecloths.
  8. The client must confirm the final number of guests to SBC no later than 14 days prior to the event. However, if you are not using ingredients that need to be ordered well in advance, we can normally change menus and the number of guests less than 14 days before check in. The final balance invoice will be based on the final confirmed number of guests.
  9. The client must submit the final selection of the menu and beverages for the event to SBC no later than 14 days before the event. Changes to the menu and beverages after this time can be accommodated through negotiation with SC, whenever possible.
  10. Charges by SBC are based on the number of people on the invoice. SBC does not provide food and beverage for vendors unless there is prior agreement, vendor meals are available for an additional cost per person.
  11. The late-night snacks/last order time ends at 10:30 pm.
  12. No beverages will be served beyond the stipulated time set out in the invoice, and free flow drinks packages typically last for 8 hours. (12.1.) Additional charges apply for any hours beyond the stipulated package duration.
  13. Standard tables and tiffany chairs are included in the prices. However, arrangements for other types or colors of tables and chairs can be made, but normally at an additional cost.
  14. All prices provided by BC are inclusive of tax and service charge.
  15. Consumption by vendors will be charged as consumption by additional guests.
  16. Alcohol pricing can be volatile in Indonesia, and the prices of SBC's packages may change if the government changes, taxation or limits supply.
  17. SBC's bar packages include a bespoke bar and setup for up to 150 pax, or 2 bars for 200+ pax, at no additional charge.
  18. SBC reserves the right to refuse alcohol to guests who are deemed to be intoxicated.
  19. Shots are not allowed as part of the packages, except from a bottle brought in by guests with prior agreement.