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Ultimate Wedding Planning Package 

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Package is our premium service, its purpose is to ensure that you are able to relax and enjoy every experience of the wedding planning process AND create an elegant and beautiful wedding for you and your family. This package is designed for couples who require complete wedding planning management.  
You will be allocated a dedicated and experienced Wedding Planner who will work with you to determine the design, style, and vision of the wedding day and match the perfect suppliers to your personal style and needs. Your wedding budget and priorities will be established at the beginning by our experts and you will have detailed schedules and reports created to keep you informed of the planning progress. We do this using our exclusive wedding planning program that you will have online access to. We will help you to SAVE money! We have amazing contacts and strong vendor relationships, but most important of all we have experience. We know what works, we know how to get the best deals and we will keep you within your budget. Our team of expert stylists will develop the style and decor in consultation with you. We provide style mood boards, floor plans and access to our design studio to develop a unique and beautiful concept for your wedding. We then go ahead and coordinate and manage this aspect for you. 
Yes this package covers everything.  All aspects of the wedding will be thoughtfully taken care of, from stationery to transport to the entertainment. We will do all of the hard work and research, so that you can have the joy of still being involved in all of the wedding choices. We are focused on attention to detail and will create customised schedules, timelines and itineraries to ensure the management of your wedding is in complete control and suppliers, bridal party and family members are fully informed and on the same page.Your Wedding Planner will be your personal wedding assistant and will be there by your side throughout the whole process making it fun, relaxed and stress free and ensuring every detail is planned to perfection.
Below is an example of the types of tasks that we will take care of on the big day: 
Prior to the Ceremony: 
Attend to the Bridal Party as required – unless otherwise advised, the Wedding Planner will phone the Bride and Groom on the day to ensure that everything is running smoothly and required items are being delivered, and required vendors are arriving (e.g. photographer, florist). Should there be any issues on the day, the Wedding Planner should be contacted immediately so that a solution can be identified. 
The Ceremony & Immediately After:
Coordinate all vendors and suppliers on the wedding day to ensure delivery, arrival and set up on time – provide support to vendors and suppliers when required.
Coordinate transport for the bridal party.
Oversee the design and setup of the ceremony venue.
Pack up of ceremony venue, ensuring the venue is left clean.
Coordinate and oversee receiving and seating of guests at the ceremony.
Assemble bridal party for the processional and recessional.
Manage legal wedding requirements.
Collect marriage certificate, guest book, candles, programs and anything left behind after the ceremony.
Attend photo-taking after ceremony and coordinate with photographer if required – please note that this is generally not a requirement as most photographers are experienced in their role and don’t need extra assistance. However, we often called upon to assist in gathering family members at the ceremony for family photos as this can be a time-consuming process.
The Wedding Reception:
Set up and arrange to pack up the reception.
Oversee the design and setup of the event.
Oversee and coordinate with all vendors and suppliers (inclusive of venue staff, caterers, musicians, MC, photographers) to ensure arrival, setup, delivery on time and as per requirements.
Coordinate the grand entrance of the Bridal Party.
Coordinate and oversee receiving and seating