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In Bali, there are over 500 wedding venues. Others are ideal for small weddings, and some are ideal for large gatherings. Beach wedding venues, cliff wedding venues, and garden wedding venues are the three main types of wedding venues in Bali.

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If you need assistance deciding on a wedding theme that suits your vision? Now is the time to consult with us.


Our in-house team specializes in full-service wedding planning and design, with 14 years of experience. We provide detailed advice and guidance to our clients, with a focus on highly customized specifics and a smooth guest experience.

Venue selection service

Full service planning & design

Wedding budget creation

Development of wedding vision and design

Wedding supplier recommendations

  Ceremony & celebrant planning

 Timeline creation

  Coordination service




Budgeting, location placement, and vendor selection will all come first. Before we move on to step two, We want to make sure we've taken care of the budget and have the rest of your vendors lined up.



We move on to the pretty stuffs once we've identified the majority of your dream wedding. The design process of planning is focused on the details that are appealing to the eye. We'll discuss the final look and feel you like for your special day. I'll build your Wedding Look-book, which will serve as a playbook for the wedding, until we know the look and feel you want to achieve. It'll list all of the specifics we've decided on so you can see if everything fits together.



This is where everything begins to fall into place! The timeline is established, vendors are contacted, and the puzzle pieces start to come together to form one stunning spread! We collaborate closely with the photographer to determine the right timeframe for the photo shoot. Then We call the venues, cinematographer, and caterer to make sure we have a timeline that works for everybody. Our job as a wedding planner is to make sure that all of the moving parts of your big day run smoothly.



We'll give out final timelines and handle emails and logistics for you the week before the wedding. We don't want you to open your inbox; our mission is to ask you the fewest questions possible and to act as a liaison between vendors and your wishes. Our professional team organizes the rehearsal event the night before the wedding, and we give you endless hours of service on the big day. 

As a wedding planner, my mission is to make the wedding day go as smoothly as possible. We want to keep you (and your mom's!) duties away from you so you can concentrate on the memories and moments.

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